Sunday, March 13, 2011

What’s On My Watchlist?

Here’s what I have on my watchlist. 






















$HDY – Swing Trade Idea

HDY - 2011-03-13 174422 - 2m6d - 1d

  • What really caught my attention on HDY is the Inside, NR7, Hammer bar painted on March 3rd
  • Although there are 2 very obvious Resistances ahead, I feel that even if my Stop is set to a conservative $5.00 even, I could still get a +2R return
  • I see this as a second opportunity to trade this stock
  • Time will tell if I’m right on this one

$RL – Let Me Give it a Second Try

RL - 2011-03-13 173656 - 3m30d - 1w

  • I bought some Ralph Lauren back on Valentine’s Day, and I got Stopped out a few days later.
  • In hindsight, my Entry was maybe a bit far away from the EMA
  • Now that the EMA is closing in(to) the shadow of a Hammer-like bar, I’m going to give it another try
  • My Entry and Stop are the White and Red line on the chart respectively

$WFMI – Long Term Trade

$WFMI was mentioned on Ivanhoff Captial, and prompted me to take a quick look. 

WFMI - 2011-03-13 151107 - 4m17d - 1d

I first noticed a Wedge forming from the past 1.5 months, since the gap-up that occurred back in early-February

Extending the chart further reveals that the Support (Lower) Level of the Wedge also served as the Resistance (Upper) slope of the rising trendline from last year.  It’s an example of a Resistance Line turn to become the Support Line.

Jumping over to the weekly chart, I plotted a Fibonacci Line using the high of Jan 06’, and the low of December 08’, and noticed that the most of the major Fib. Points aligns with major Support/Resistance level throughout the years. 

WFMI - 2011-03-13 150810 - 5y4m7d - 1w

My Entry will be the at the break of the Upper Wedge (see White Line), and my Stop will be just underneath the Lower Wedge, below the the long shadows (see Red Line).  My Target will be the high of Jan 06’.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

UMPQ – Short – Swing

UMPQ - 2011-02-24 190025 - 1m14d - 1d

  • I shorted UMPQ on Tuesday during the opening hour
  • My Stop was conservatively set to the High of Friday
  • My Target of $11.00 (round dollar) was reach today, and I exited my entire position

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

IWM – Stopped Out

IWM - 2011-02-23 183643 - 1m11d - 1d

  • The Stop was pushed up.  See bottom red line for original Stop

XLB – Stopped Out

XLB - 2011-02-23 183337 - 1m11d - 1d

  • Was that not a total Bearish Engulfing bar painted on the 3rd bar from the right?
  • I’ll soon find out if my adjusted Stop saved me some money

MDY – Stopped Out

MDY - 2011-02-23 182727 - 1m11d - 1d

  • I entered Long on MDY back in early February
  • I set out not to turn this winning trade into a losing trade
  • However, I was just too greedy
  • The Hammer Bearish Reversal on Friday should have set off a sell signal
  • Looking back now, I should have set my Stop more aggressively at high $175.xx
  • But hindsight is always perfect, isn’t it?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MOO – Stopped Out

MOO - 2011-02-23 182254 - 1m11d - 1d

  • MOO was a purchase made back in January
  • As you can see, my ‘adjusted’ Stop was triggered, and
  • It appears that my original Stop was set nicely at the Support Level of round number $53.00

RL – Stopped Out

RL - 2011-02-23 181754 - 1m11d - 1d

  • While I tried to be romantic by buying some Ralph Laurens on Valentine’s Day… in turns out that just like almost everything that you buy on Valentine’s Day… they are COSTLY!
  • The red line was my Stop

YSI – Stopped Out

YSI - 2011-02-23 180952 - 1m11d - 1d

  • I made an Entry on Friday to go Long on YSI
  • Thursdays Inside Hammer was what drew my attention
  • My original Stop was at $9.80-ish
  • My Entry wasn’t rock solid, so I moved my Stop up to $9.9x, and it was trigger

MMM – Stopped-out

I’ve been moving up my Stops to…

  1. Limit my losses
  2. Increase my position in cash

… until things stabilize.  Below are a few positions that hit my Stop in the past 2 trading sessions.



MMM - 2011-02-23 175808 - 1m11d - 1d

  • I’ve lost the entire 1R when I tried to chase an entry on MMM
  • It turns out that my Stop at $92.00 was a well placed security
  • I expect prices to $89.50 before getting Support

MMM - 2011-02-23 180406 - Last 2 Days - 15m

  • In hindsight, it was a great opportunity for a day-trade with an entry-point located at the break of the Bear Flag, or Opening Low
  • There are still some decent profits if you place your Stop at the High of the 2nd bar

Monday, February 21, 2011

MMM – Swing – A Chase

MMM - 2011-02-20 214115 - 2y2m6d - 1w

  • Pulling the Fibonacci from March 09’ low to October 10’ high shows that the prices have just moved past the Resistance 2 weeks ago

MMM - 2011-02-20 214142 - 1m7d - 1d

  • I’m attempting a chase here…
  • My Entry will be the top of the Hammer, just above the round-number of $93
  • My Stop will just the underneath of round-number $92
  • My Target will be the 138% Fib of $110
  • If my Target is reach, this trade would yield some good profit 

IRM – Swing - Long

IRM - 2011-02-20 213520 - 1m11d - 1d

  • Inside Hammer with Support from 5ema
  • Stop is aggressively set at the bottom of the Hammer
  • Target is the mid-April high of $28

PPDI – Swing - Long

PPDI - 2011-02-20 212849 - 1m29d - 1d

  • A Reversal, followed by a Confirmation bar
  • My Entry is the white line
  • My Stop is the red line
  • My Target is the blue line